Thursday, November 17, 2011

The themes that stood out to me was power of having family, and how people need help finding there family. It's amazing how people start to lose themselves with there roots, or their family. One lady from Congo spoke about how she just want to know where her kids where. I thought the goal of the Refugee united is amazing, on how they use just little details to try and get people together. The two brother that start where ask what they would put and it fun that they said almost the same thing. one brother said his brother would say something about there cat, and how they would also say something about there tattoo. "we both share the same tattoo on our left arm." It amazing how just some little detail united us to someone else and how we all sometimes just forget about these details. But these little details are uniting refugees who lost their families.

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  1. It inspires me that these brothers took it upon themselves to try to provide a way for refugees to find another. I admire the way they shared first world technology to make life a little easier for those in the most need. They are good-hearted dudes, and that's the quality I admire most in people.