Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exploration 7!!

Ismael Beah had gone from a happy young boy, to a blood-thirsty army boy, back to a young boy. His progress after war was incredible, and going back into the horrifying war would ruin his life. “I hated what was happening. I couldn’t return to my previous life. I didn’t think I could make it out alive this time.” (Beah, 203).He was so fearful of getting sucked back into the war, his only option was to leave behind everything for a new life in the United States. I really enjoyed this book, at times, I couldn’t put it down. It is hard to believe that such tragedy was occurring just a few years ago, and many people my age were unaware. How could anyone think that putting children in the army is acceptable? Thankfully, Ismael made it out alive and was able to recuperate. During his rehabilitation process, his nurse Esther was dedicated to helping him. I believe she was one of the most important characters because she was always there for Ismael at all times during his post-war, and withdraw from drugs issues. If it weren’t for her patience, Ismael would have had no one to believe in him, no one to listen to him, and no one to understand him. She brought him out of his dark place and he was finally able to smile again. He hadn’t shown a real smile since before the war.


  1. That quote stuck out to me too, because it made me worried that he'd fall back into all the horrible things he'd done before.

  2. I was suprised to hear about the war that had been going on in his country and was a bit shocked that I had never heard of it either, it scares people to think of how little we know.

  3. I was surpsied too that this kind of thing was going on just a few years ago. We are so advanced now its hard to think things like this still exist. I really liked Esther too she was such a huge part of Ishmaels rehabilitation!