Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exploration 7

I think that the end of the story leaves us with a overall good feeling. It is good to see Ishmael coming out of the horror that he had to face. I think it really pulled me in when more violence erupted, because it seemed he would never escape these terrible things. The end brought up a lot of important questions about life. At one point Ishmael runs into a soldier and describes him as having a look that said "I will kill you if I want to and nothing will come of it." He goes on to say that the look was familiar to him and this is because he knows what it is like to be the one feeling like a soulless killing machine. This part in the book really makes you think about how close we all are to becoming like animals.


  1. The book did capture me too at this part. I thought when he finally came out of rehibilitation he wouldnt have to deal with war anymore, but the violence broke out where he was living. Also that quote did stick out in the book because even though he was much different in that part of the book, he was a coldblooded killer once before, and he also knew what all the other soldiers were capable of.

  2. The ending really does leave the reader feeling happy as they learn that he has not only escaped the war but now he can really begin to put it behind him. The treat of being drawn back into the war is gone now as well but it is also somewhat bittersweet because now he has to rebuild his life for a third time.

  3. I thought the ending was nice because you knew it was the start of Ishmaels new life and he could finally get away from the struggles of the war.