Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exploration 7

"Which character meant the most to you, other than Ishmael himself?"
The mother who had the baby on her back which was shot, and had bullets sticking out of it really struck me. I hate hearing about children being harmed. They are so innocent of everything that is going on at that age. I wondered throughout the book how she felt. I know if something happened to one of my children I would wish to die. That must have been an overwhelming amount of pain for the mother to bear. It is so heart wrenching, that it makes me cry to think about it.


  1. I could not get the immage of the baby being shot. That has stuck with me this whole book and I can not imagine watching that. I had the same exact feeling you did.

  2. This part of the book was extremely touching because we all know that children are defenseless and these people would just kill an innocent child and feel nothing. It is sickening that people can be so cruel and have no compassion for what they did. I can't imagine how it feels from your point of view as a mother.

  3. That was a really sad part of the book and leaves a strong image in your mind that really sticks with you.