Thursday, November 3, 2011

In some cases amnesty should be given!

I believe that yes in some cases amnesty should be given. In war it’s a tough time and like in the book you are just trying to survive. Although the goal of war is to win, the ultimate goal is peace. To gain peace we must forgive at some point the burden’s those have caused us. If the actions happen justly in a just war, then I absolutely think there is room for amnesty. You should forgive those who are acting accordingly under the laws of the just war theory. If some people who are involved in the war are acting out for no other reason than self-gain or anger, then that may need some negotiation on how to move forward from that particular situation.


  1. I think amnesty should be given in this case because its the only way for them to move on.

  2. I agree that amnesty should be given. It's time for forgiveness and the burden of the ongoing war to be lifted.