Thursday, November 17, 2011

Refugee United Film Response

This film is very power and it is talk something that most refugee going through . This film is talk about how there are we was billion displacement people and they don't know there their family are. This two guy create the Refugees United ,so they can help the refugee find their family and they can help their-self.This refugee the thing important to them is know that they are not only who are live. I think it sad how young man has be the father of his two brother and sister., but that is something that big in the refugee. It remember of what my family went through when we was living in Somali , just because we were a different tribe and we had money . Young man only want to know if his father was live . He was job less and he didn't go to school because they raise his brothers and sister. They burn our houses. No one in this world doesn't want to the only in their family .

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  1. Hodan, thanks for sharing your story here. I'm sorry that happened and I think you show a good udnerstanding how hard it is to be seperated from the ones you love. Good job here!