Thursday, October 27, 2011

Comment for Taylor

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The teacher said one of her kindergarten students shot his little brother three times in the stomach. I think that children don't really realize that a lot of what they see on television is surreal. For example, In a non-specific cartoon, a character gets punched in the face, gets up, walks away, and he is fine. The child sees that but they don't see the pain that the character feels. I feel that is an important step for them to process to understand reality. A child touches something hot, they remove their hand quickly, and don't touch that hot object again. Their mind processes what they learned through an experience where they felt or understood pain, and they lean from it. They will also not learn empathy from watching cartoons. They will not understand that if they pick up a gun and shoot at someone that that person will die. Children that young do not understand death. That is very sad. I feel bad for that child. He may not have realized that the gun he had was dangerous. He was probably playing, but will now be scarred for life because of something he imitated on the television. Where was the parent? I will never keep a gun in my house.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Violence and its affects

America is lucky in the sense that war is almost never fought on our home turf. We are also
lucky because we do not recruit child soldiers. Violence and war does still
affect our culture. It divides our country; supporter and protestors. It causes
tension among everyone and can induce fear. It makes children become fearful
and/or violent themselves. Seeing violence on TV makes children think its ok
and they learn to be violent. After watching a 9/11 documentary, my brother
began to think that violence was the way people dealt with their differences.
When he had an argument with my parents he would slam his door, throw things,
break things, and hit things. He would throw things at me or hit me and expect
that after the fight, things would be better. My parents had to tell him that
violence will not automatically solve the problem. I think violence changes our
behavior by making us more fearful and more aware of our surroundings and what
we are doing.

Impact of Violence and War

Violence and crime greatly affects American culture today. Violence especially affects the vast majority of Americans including young children. Every day in our own nearby cities people and shot, robbed, kidnapped ect. The sad part about this is that it isn’t far away or only on TV. Kids growing up in poorer cities or in urban areas see this as a regular. Some kids grow up not knowing anyone that hasn’t been to jail or drugs or shoot someone. They grow up thinking that it is something okay to do and end up doing it themselves. Some kids say that one of their friends or family went to jail, as if they were saying they had gone to the grocery store which is awful to think about, but it is true. This is becoming a great issue especially in mainland cities. War is also having a great impact on young kids as well. Kids are behaving in a bad way towards certain types of people because they believe that they are the cause for violence. If a young child grows up in a family that believes the cause of all violence is Middle Eastern people because of what had happen in 9/11, the child will grow up hating those types of people because of what they were taught and had went on.


Child Abuse

I think there are many effects of violence on the American culture. I believe the major one is child abuse. I feel this also affects the behavior of children every day. Ishmael Beah gets tied up naked to be tortured. No one can trust him so they are always using violence as a result. After the war, these ways continued which hurts the American culture. Ishmael Beah has no choice and neither do kids now days that are getting abused. This usually makes kids more willing to be violent. This effects their school work, friendships, and daily life. In some cases, can even result in death.

Exploration Six Part Two

Many adults I know enjoy watching the news on a daily basis. It has a constant flow of negative and violent information. When the war on Iraq started a few years back, all this news was flooding the television. It was played and replayed. Americans saw those images and it angered them. People didn't like seeing their fellow Americans suffering and wanted revenge. Anger often causes feelings of revenge. If those feelings are not dealt with, they can cause people to become violent.

Here is some information explaining how Americans could become even more aggressive by viewing violence:

Children who have witnessed violence are greatly affected by it. They begin to act out and become angry. It is very hard for children to understand their feelings and how to cope since young children are just learning how to sort out their feelings.

Here is more information and facts about how children cope with war and violence:

After watching so many movies that have violence in them, people can become immune to some of the effects of it after a while. At first when someone sees a violent movie, they grimace and cover their eyes, and may have nightmares about it later. Eventually, after seeing more violence in movies, we can watch it and process it differently. We don't grimace or cover our eyes anymore. We have become calloused.

This can start at a very young age. I found this article which uses children for an example. Please notice the first bullet point in this article:

Impact of violence

American culture is affected by war and violence because it begins to cause many American people to be prejudice toward certain races. I think that after the September 11 attacks that many people became stereotypical of Muslims, or anyone who they thought may look like a terrorist. This can cause the children to grow up thinking that all Muslims are bad and shouldn’t be trusted. In this case it could cause many problems for American culture. I believe it does affect our behavior because for me anyways for a short time it changed my thoughts and how I viewed Muslims. It obviously didn’t last forever, but it was still impactful.

This article told about the terrorist attacks and the affect they had on the airlines in the US. Basically the trust in american culture got very low, not only for muslims, but for everyone who wanted to fly. Airport seccurity rose extremely and they got more strict on what you could or couldn't bring onto a plane. Some people even get pulled aside now for just looking suspicious and they are given a patdown check. We are unable to trust people anymore because there are too many bad people out there so that is why preventions are taken to control terrorism.

impact of war on children

War as truly affected American culture. I country was started because a war was fought between the US and Britain and the United States has been at war for every century it’s been a country. A country that is based of war affects children at young ages. War tells them it’s okay to be violent to get want you want. We are truly effect by war now in the modern age because big events are televised daily. Ever since war has been televised there as has been internal conflict been people of the United States. As a kid a life during a war, I have seen so much anger towards other people and seen anger towards other people affect the way people view other people.

This book is about the effect of war and parental deployment upon children and adolescents. This was written after Persian Gulf War.

Joshes thoughts of violence on children

War and violence have a lessened impact on Americans however this is mostly due to the fact that it never occurs close to home. However while lessened the reactions of fear and bigotry are largely the same. For instance when the war with Iraq started people became less trusting of anyone from the Middle East and some even beat up people from there. They just assume that if you were Muslim it must make you a terrorist and you should be punished or shunned for the beliefs that you hold. As for its effect on children I can say that it is nowhere near as bad as using them for soldiers but it can be bad for their ideals. Scared parents teach their children and in times of war it can give birth to new negative views of other ethnicities, races, and cultures. It’s passing down the old hatreds to the new generation and it’s been going on for centuries.

This article talks more about the effects of violence on children

VideoGame Violence

It is obvious in this book that violence has changed the way people act. In America violence is not to this extent, but is still very prevalent. In our culture violence is everywhere, especially in the media and entertainment. One of the biggest effects on children is growing up playing video games, most of which have extremely violent content. A study done by Journal of Adolescence shows that the effects of these games are severe. Their study showed that "adolescents who expose themselves to greateramounts of video game violence were more hostile, reported getting into arguments with teachers more frequently, were more likely to be involved in physical fights, and performed more poorly in school." With the average kid playing video games for more than seven hours a week, and 89% of all video games containing violent content this is a serious problem. Out of the many studies done on this subject a large percent of them found a strong connection between playing violent video games and a higher amount of aggressive behavior and aggressive emotions. The effects of violent video games has been said to lead kids to act out violently. These games glorify violence from war to gangs, and make it seem like something kids would want to be a part of; this is why parents need to monitor the amount of violent games their kids are playing.

Child Violence

I think there is a lot of violence in the American culture . There is about 2 percent of people are jail. In culture we have TV and game that accept violence to show to children. There are movies and game that killed people. People killed their children or themselves because they lost their jobs or something happened. The the TV as a lot is affect the young children and the TV show as lot violence.When children see their family doing the violence and they must like copy
their parent act. Children watch TV allot in their life so the TV can power their mindset to doing violence things.


Violence is a revolving theme in “A Long Way Gone.” Almost everywhere, violence occurs whether it is physical violence or the violence of hunger Ismael faced. Occasionally, the only solution to a problem is war, but we try to avoid it at all costs. We want to avoid it because we want to avoid violence. Yes, we need to defend our country, but all of the blood and gore is what we don’t want to see. It is a scary thing, and at a young age, it could scar a child mentally. Witnessing violence sticks with us, a lot like when Ismael describes the death he saw. He’ll never get them out of his head, not even to this day as a grown adult. If small children witness violence over and over, they may believe that violence is okay. In time, they could potentially become violent verses the kids who grew up without violence and want nothing to do with violence. It affects our behavior even more when teenagers play violent video games, and watch horror movies with axes and chainsaws. For example, the movie Fight Club makes us believe that fighting each other almost to death is acceptable. It is not. In order to alleviate violence, we need to eliminate the source, especially the ones the make violence seem cool. War is acceptable at certain times, but unnecessary violence is spreading rapidly, and we need to stop it.

A lot of American culture hast to do with violence. Everybody comes across violence either if it’s from someone being violent towards them, you being violent or on TV some of the top shows have a lot of violence in them. Americans love the violent TV shows because it’s mostly suspenseful. Also kid’s theses day have video game with a ton of violence in them. A lot of kids think that the violence in video games is cool so they might want to be like that. War is another big effaced because our TV networks are over there pretty much in the battles. Violence can change anybody it touches. Just like in the book sometime to be able to live you have to be violent. Ishmael has changed a lot because to be able to live he will have to be violent.

In the world there are about 1.6 million deaths due to violence that is around half the amount of deaths due to HIV/AIDS. Each year 3.5 to 7 million people in the age group from 15 to 29 get hospital treatment due to violence. A number of interventions have been shown to be promising and effective in reducing harm.

Jakes thoughts on violence on children

At a point Ishmeal was traveling with some members of his school that he had met up with. They ran into an old man who was in a village by himself. He could tell that these boys were harmless and offered them yams. The old man did not give his name for he wanted them to have more space in their memory. “His days would soon be over, and he didn’t bother to be afraid for himself. But he was for us.” This old man who will surely die soon, has compassion for these young kids. In a world filled with all the negativity imaginable, it is a sight to sore eyes to find someone who is truly kind and caring.
The American culture is very much split by war. We have lost faith in our governments abilty to protect us after 9-11 and our failing economy. It seems that nobody wants our troops over in Afghanistan yet they are anyway. People are paying close attention to politics these days. We aren’t happy with how our country is run and we are doing things about it.
The actions of us even talking about our government in a negative way will play a role on our children in the future. If our government continues to be so ineffective, there will be a day where people stand up and get what they want.

Thats not nice

American culture has been affected by war and violence in homes, especially in the children of our generation. Statistics show that violence has increased over the years and a lot of it seems to be occurring within the family house hold. War also affects the American culture by increasing racism within the country. Depending on what country we are at war with, we lose trust against the people who are from or look like they are from that country. For example, WWII, the Japanese were discriminated against, and not trusted because of the actions that their country had done. War easily breaks trust between people of different cultures or beliefs.

The following is information about internment camps and how many people were forced to live in these camps because of the distrust war had created:

Amache (Granada), CO
Opened: August 24, 1942.
Closed: October 15, 1945.
Peak population: 7,318.

Gila River, AZ
Opened July 20, 1942.
Closed November 10, 1945.
Peak Population 13,348.

Heart Mountain, WY
Opened August 12, 1942.Closed November 10, 1945.
Peak population 10,767.

Jerome, AR - Opened October 6, 1942. Closed June 30, 1944. Peak population 8,497
Manzanar, CA - Opened March 21, 1942. Closed November 21, 1945. Peak population 10,046.
Minidoka, ID - Opened August 10, 1942. Closed October 28, 1945. Peak population 9,397
Poston, AZ - Opened May 8, 1942. Closed November 28, 1945. Peak population 17,814
Rohwer, AR - Opened September 18, 1942. Closed November 30, 1945. Peak population 8,475
Topaz, UT - Opened September 11, 1942. Closed October 31, 1945. Peak population 8,130
Tule Lake, CA - Opened May 27, 1942. Closed March 20, 1946. Peak population 18,789