Thursday, October 20, 2011

Child Violence

I think there is a lot of violence in the American culture . There is about 2 percent of people are jail. In culture we have TV and game that accept violence to show to children. There are movies and game that killed people. People killed their children or themselves because they lost their jobs or something happened. The the TV as a lot is affect the young children and the TV show as lot violence.When children see their family doing the violence and they must like copy
their parent act. Children watch TV allot in their life so the TV can power their mindset to doing violence things.


  1. Hodan, I think it's so easy to become desensitized to violence, and this is a big problem. I can barely stand to watch TV and I feel one has to be very careful on what you let into your eyes and your brain and your heart. Thanks for the good information. Once we are aware of things, I feel we can make better decisions!

  2. Hodan,
    You shared great material backing up what you said about violence. I agree that television can fuel a child's anger and cause them to come violent if it is not set at a parental guideline to their age group. Also, even a lot of cartoons now are violent. What is up with that? We are supposed to be able to set the television to avoid these shows, but if they are not properly rated, it is ineffective.