Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a man I admire for his work and creativity. He is an acclaimed director, writer, and actor; and in most of his films he does all three. I was just introduced to Woody Allen through the film Annie Hall, which is arguably one of the best American movies of all time, last spring. I wasn’t more than five minutes into the movie when I knew I would be a lifelong fan of his work. After I finished watching the movie I started looking up more and more of his work; and have now seen many of his films and read a couple of his books. His work is completely original and this is why I admire him so much. Woody is not interested in making money, like most filmmakers, he is an artist who loves what he does and just wants to share it with others. The first movie he wrote for was a major Hollywood production, and he hated every minute of it because the changed his work to fit what they thought would be popular. From that point on he said he wouldn’t make another film unless he got to control every artistic aspect of it, and he’s been doing just that for about forty years.

His work is unlike almost anything else, because he has a vision and wants to see it through just that way. When he first became a success it was of off his “early funny ones” he could have kept really this out bringing more and more money in, but he wanted to be able to do whatever kind of film he wanted. He switched over to romantic comedies and than to dramas. A lot of people were angry about this, including many fans and the movie producers. Woody didn’t care though he wanted to develop every side of his artistic ability and didn’t care what the companies’ thought. This is why I admire him so, because he shows that you can be a success without conforming to what the industry and the masses want, but by creating something the way you would want to see it.

~ The picture is a shot from the movie Manhattan that I feel shows how beautifully shot his movies are.

~ The link is to the opening of the movie Annie Hall

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  1. Great job! I feel like I should watch some of his movies now.