Thursday, October 20, 2011

impact of war on children

War as truly affected American culture. I country was started because a war was fought between the US and Britain and the United States has been at war for every century it’s been a country. A country that is based of war affects children at young ages. War tells them it’s okay to be violent to get want you want. We are truly effect by war now in the modern age because big events are televised daily. Ever since war has been televised there as has been internal conflict been people of the United States. As a kid a life during a war, I have seen so much anger towards other people and seen anger towards other people affect the way people view other people.

This book is about the effect of war and parental deployment upon children and adolescents. This was written after Persian Gulf War.


  1. I think that many kids are affected just by hearing about the war and what it is going on. I think the T.V. has a big impact on how children view things.

  2. The television of these events makes them a part of all our lives. I agree that children are the most affected.

  3. Parents really need to be careful about letting their children be exposed to war on television. It could have negative effects on them if they are too young to understand it.