Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jakes thoughts on violence on children

At a point Ishmeal was traveling with some members of his school that he had met up with. They ran into an old man who was in a village by himself. He could tell that these boys were harmless and offered them yams. The old man did not give his name for he wanted them to have more space in their memory. “His days would soon be over, and he didn’t bother to be afraid for himself. But he was for us.” This old man who will surely die soon, has compassion for these young kids. In a world filled with all the negativity imaginable, it is a sight to sore eyes to find someone who is truly kind and caring.
The American culture is very much split by war. We have lost faith in our governments abilty to protect us after 9-11 and our failing economy. It seems that nobody wants our troops over in Afghanistan yet they are anyway. People are paying close attention to politics these days. We aren’t happy with how our country is run and we are doing things about it.
The actions of us even talking about our government in a negative way will play a role on our children in the future. If our government continues to be so ineffective, there will be a day where people stand up and get what they want.


  1. I thought that was an interesting passage from the book as well. I feel it relates with our world, and the lack of trust we have due to violence.

  2. I agree that the government has proven more ineffective than most people would like and it has come under a lot of scrutiny.

  3. I would say the war in Afghanistan is just because the plot of 9/11 was made there.