Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exploration Six Part Two

Many adults I know enjoy watching the news on a daily basis. It has a constant flow of negative and violent information. When the war on Iraq started a few years back, all this news was flooding the television. It was played and replayed. Americans saw those images and it angered them. People didn't like seeing their fellow Americans suffering and wanted revenge. Anger often causes feelings of revenge. If those feelings are not dealt with, they can cause people to become violent.

Here is some information explaining how Americans could become even more aggressive by viewing violence:

Children who have witnessed violence are greatly affected by it. They begin to act out and become angry. It is very hard for children to understand their feelings and how to cope since young children are just learning how to sort out their feelings.

Here is more information and facts about how children cope with war and violence:

After watching so many movies that have violence in them, people can become immune to some of the effects of it after a while. At first when someone sees a violent movie, they grimace and cover their eyes, and may have nightmares about it later. Eventually, after seeing more violence in movies, we can watch it and process it differently. We don't grimace or cover our eyes anymore. We have become calloused.

This can start at a very young age. I found this article which uses children for an example. Please notice the first bullet point in this article:


  1. I agree with you that seeing violent images and video clips often fuels anger. I know that for me personally I became angry after watching the clips of the planes hitting the twin towers on 9/11. The problem is that when people become angry they often don't think clearly. People need to be able to deal with their angry emotions without violence or doing what the other person did to them.

  2. I agree with you. When children see violence on TV or game they become to copy . What the actors or game are doing .Some time children would change the way they are talk because they want be like their favorite actors.But in the American's culture the children watch TV on day base. I think parent should not let kids watch TV OR game when they are very litter. In my house we don't used watch TV .

  3. I definitely agree with the last paragraph, after viewing violence as much as we do we all just about become immune to it. Some people not only become immune to it, but also begin to take after it.

  4. I agree with you. children do pick up everything the see whether it is negative or positive. Unfortunately with war it has been all negative. Kids are starting to fight more and having outbreaks.