Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis is one of the most amazing actors I
have ever seen in any movie and he is always interesting to watch. One of his
roles that I really enjoy is Bill the Butcher in the movie “The Gangs of New
York”. He plays the villain and does an incredible job bringing the character
to life in the movie. He literally becomes his roles, to the point where he
wore his clothes from the set for extended amounts of time and he called all
the actors by the names of their characters while he was in character. His role
Bill the Butcher could also throw knives very well and by the end of filming
Daniel could hit bull’s-eyes with throwing knives.

movie is a dramatization of the nearly lawless times in the mid nineteenth
century when the police and fire department were not yet government regulated
and the current mayor was corrupt. Gangs ruled the city and Bill is the leader
of the most feared gang in the city after he killed the protagonist father, the
leader of the other largest rival gang.

To see an example of his acting go here

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  1. This guy is for sure an incredible actor in an even better movie. I watched it some time ago and loved it but im afraid the guy from step brothers will no longer allow me to take it seriously.