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Hi, I'm Aaron Ashmeade, I graduated from Olentangy Orange High school. I plan to major in exercise science, hopefully starting out here then transfering to main campus. I work at Kroger (alot) and when I'm not working I'll usually be either be at home or hanging out with friends.

I believe the author was extremely brave for sharing such a personal story. A lot of people when experiencing (or that have experienced) alcohol abuse from a parent aren't very open to talk about it and will usually try to convince themselves that it's not as bad as it really is because it's their parent. He probably felt that being one to step up and share a story like this is to get it out there that alcohol abuse is a problem, and a fairly common one at that. It's especially a big problem when it comes to families, because once somebody in the family begins to rely on alcohol they can become physically or mentally abusive to those around them, as seen in the story. What the author's mainly trying to get across to the reader is that alcohol abuse leads to many scarring or tragic scenarios that are continually created across the country.

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Hey! My name is Kristi Fahy. I am a freshman going to school for hospital administration. Thomas Worthington High School is where I graduated. In high school, I was a gymnast, and I wish I continued on through college. I love hanging out with friends and of course having a good time!

The essay by Scott Russel Sanders was a very deep, personal piece of work. A lot of his life, he knew his father as a monster, but they feared his exposure. "Father's drinking became the family secret. While growing up, we children never breathed a word of it beyond our four walls of our house." He wrote this essay for the sake of his children. Sanders knew the feeling of having an alcoholic family member, let alone his father, and if he could protect is own children from this, then he felt writing the essay was a good way of them becoming aware. It was very sad to understand how much his father's alcoholism affected their family. It seemed as though their lives revolved around this family secret. If this was ever an issue in my family, I don't know how I would ever be able to handle it. Hopefully the secret ends with Sanders' father.

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I am Jake Beardsley an 18 year old freshman. I live with my sister in columbus and i also have an older brother in Kentucky. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and hanging out with friends.
This writing is very personal and relatable but the the author seemed to write it for his own needs of relieving him from the stress of keeping this horrible history to himself and being sure that this was all explained to his son. The whole passage seemed to be based on events that were effected by his dads drinking but then the topic was switched to why he wrote this at all and that part was what spoke to me the most. His dad didnt seem to care about what he thought about very much and now that is his first consern for his own son. I think that is characterization in itself because it proves to me you don't have to have he same negative traits as your father and you can live your own life.

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The author Scott Sanders reflects back on the guilt he he felt at a young age, feeling responsible for his fathers drinking. His own 10 year old son blames himself when he see's his father unhappy. He describes this on page 203 paragraph 53, "I am moved to write these pages now because my own son, at the age of 10, is taking on himself the griefs of the world, and in particular the griefs of his father. He tells me that when I am gripped by sadness, he feels responsible; he feels there must be something he can do to spring me from depression, to fix my life and crushing sense of responsibility is exactly what I felt at the age of 10 in the face of my fathers drinking." I feel that the author shared this in his story to show that it was normal for a child at a young age to blame themselves for their parents being depressed, unhappy or having a problem. It is how he felt when he was younger and it is now what his own son feels. What struck me the most was why he felt so responsible for his fathers drinking. Even years after when he was an adult he would still think about in depression and blame himself for his father being an alcohlic which in most cases was not the reason. His own son as well felt responsible for his father being depressed. He didnt want the same for his kid as he felt. Thats why at the end of the paragraph he reveals, "I write, therefore, to drag into the light what eats at me-the fear, the guilt, the shame- so that my own children may be spared." I feel that he is writing this story about his life as a theraputic teqnique, because he never shared his feelings about his father, so he kept everything bottled up inside, which only made him depressed. He is writing about the fear, the guilt, and the shame to be able to have it out in the open and not have everything bottled up that it eats away at him.

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My name is Yasmin Kavarizadeh and I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I'm a sophmore ,a Premed major and work at CPK when I'm not in school. I love to hang out with friends, dance and listen to music.


Hi, I'm Alex Kaufman. I'm for Powell Ohio and I have lived here my whole life. I'm going into Professional golf management as my major because i enjoy golfing and I also like to teach people the game of golf.

"My father, when drunk, was never funny nor honest; he was pathetic, frightening, deceitful. There seemed to be a leak in him somewhere, and he poured in booze to keep from draining dry. Like a torture victim who refuses to squeal, he would never admit that he had touch a drop, not even in his last year, when he seemed to be dissolving in alcohol before our very eyes." This was a compared to when he show TV shows with drunk people in it and how they were having fun and falling over furniture and laughing about it. However, in really life its not true. He dad wasn't fun he was mean and pathetic. This stuck out to me because he was telling the honest true about what we think drunk people do and what really happens. Also he had to watch his father get drunk in his father last year and that just something that no son or daughter should see.


Hey its Josh, allow me to remind you that I am from Delaware Ohio and am majoring in Health Sciences. I am very interested in science and enjoy working with computers so this blog should not be to difficult to work with.

"Why our father, so playful and competent and kind when sober would choose to ruin himself and punish his family we could not fathom." I think the author chose to share this story as a way to bring his problems out into the light. He wants to be honest about his problems unlike his father who never spoke about his feelings to anyone and would die for not seeking help. I do enjoy the style of writing that highlights the periods of his life that his fathers drinking effected most and how the fear of his father drinking was still with him when he aged. I also enjoy how he listed all the places he and his siblings would find bottles and how many different kinds there were as a way to drive home to the reader how regularly this occurred.

Nicole Dailey

Hello I am Nicole Dailey, and I currently reside in Dublin, Ohio.

"He shoved us, pawed us with the back of his hand, not to injure, just to clear a space. I can see him grabbing Mother by the hair as she cowers on a chair during a nightly quarrel." Scott Sanders shared this brief moment to show how alcoholism caused his father to become abusive with his family. Sanders was very descriptive in this scene, it must have been such a traumatic event in his life that he remembered it vividly.

My children and I were treated similarly by their father not long ago. He was addicted to oxycontin and would have what I called mantrums (man tantrums). Though he never harmed our children, he acted as if they were always in the way. He often made threats toward me, and broke many of my things. He would push me or block me in a space in a fit of anger. I was hit in the stomach once trying to avoid another confrontation which I knew would only escalate. Though his problem was oxycontin and Sander's father suffered from alcoholism, the side effects were very similar. They both relied on a fix, and became abusive because of their addiction.


Yo, this is Kyle Ehrhardt I'm from Htown (Hilliard) Ohio. I graduated from Hilliard Davidson Highschool last year and am excited to start the next chapter of life. I Wrestled for Davidson and had a great 4 years. I like to watch movies, hang with friends, and just chill whenever theres time.

"So when i climbed out of the car that brought July morning and saw my father napping in the hammock, i felt uneasy, and when he lurched upright and blinked his bloodshot eyes and greeted us in a syrupy voice, i was hurled back into childhood." This passage stood out to me because it showed how the father came full circle with his drinking. For 15 years the son thought he had the healthy loving side of his dad back for good, but on this day when he came home he realized that his father had gone back to his old ways. He trys to hide it from his own daughter just as his father tried to hide it from him because he is ashamed of his fathers actions.



Hey my name is Danny, I went to Bishop Watterson High school. I am now a freshmen here at the OSU Delaware center. I like to play basketball, watch movies, and hangout with friends.

What stood out the most to me in Under the Influence was the line "Instead of celebrating the drunk as one freed from constraints they pity him as one enslaved." This line is used by the author to describe different ways people see drinking, and drinking problems. I think that this is important because it points out how in society people laugh off things that can be so detrimental to others. Drinking is usually seen as exciting and funny, but if you have had an experience like the author has you would see it in a different light. I think that the author shared this personal story because it is important to let people see the other side of things. He lets us take a walk in his shoes and feel how one man's drinking can change so many others lives.

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Hey, my names Afif and I'm pretty big on comedy. I think a lot of people take life to serious, and sometimes just need a good laugh. I'm a sophomore majoring in business LIKE A BOSS. I like to listen to all sorts of music except country unless its Taylor Swift. I also enjoy playing basketball and I love watching it along with football.

In my personal opinion I think Scott Russell brings about a very important topic that people don't often like to speak of. I think that drinking is fine but only on special occasions, it becomes a problem when people do it every day or every weekend. "It is most humorous lexicon..... to the nursery, where he vomits in Baby's shoe." I feel like the author wrote this because he felt as if the media was feeding to peoples addiction to drinking. It struck me most because I can completely understand the view he is putting forth. I feel like people depend on drinking to have fun, and have lost a sense of fun without substance abuse. I see it all the time around my friends, who feel the need to be off some high in order to have a good time. Russell wanted to address the problem of alcoholism, but I feel as if this writing could be interpreted in many different ways.

under the influence:paying the priceof my father's Boose

When I was reading this storiesI felt soo bad for him because it is hard for a Child to see their father drank. In paragraph 12 when he is talking about "I can summon up that kiss right now by recalling Theodore Roethke's line about his own father." I felt bad because in my religion noone is allow to drank alcohol , but my father was smoker . Then I beging to images the author stories because I remember how my father used to smell when he come home . In my eyes think no child should have parents who smoke or who drank alcohol because that is the memorize they have of their parent and it would follower them to their lifes .

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Hey my name is Kayley. I went to Olentangy High School and I have played soccer since I was five. I have been a lifeguard for four years at Highlands Pool in Westerville. I love shopping and like listening to all kinds of music. I love watching and going to football games.

What stood out the most to me in the passage Under the Influence is how the son always accuses himself for his dad being an alcoholic. Through out the whole passage he states many times, " I was flung back into boyhood, acting as though my father would not drink himself to death if only I were perfect". It amazes me how he can blame himself for his fathers disease. I can't imagine what he is going through or how he feels. His whole life is affected by his father being an alcoholic. I think the writer wrote this story for a sense of release. His whole life he has been hiding it from everyone. I think him writing this helps him deal with it.


Hi class my name is Hodan hashi . I am from Hargeysa it is in the north part of Somali and we are try get our independent. I am second young of nine siblings . One thing about me is love to travling to new places.

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