Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey there!!!

Hey! My name is Kristi Fahy. I am a freshman going to school for hospital administration. Thomas Worthington High School is where I graduated. In high school, I was a gymnast, and I wish I continued on through college. I love hanging out with friends and of course having a good time!

The essay by Scott Russel Sanders was a very deep, personal piece of work. A lot of his life, he knew his father as a monster, but they feared his exposure. "Father's drinking became the family secret. While growing up, we children never breathed a word of it beyond our four walls of our house." He wrote this essay for the sake of his children. Sanders knew the feeling of having an alcoholic family member, let alone his father, and if he could protect is own children from this, then he felt writing the essay was a good way of them becoming aware. It was very sad to understand how much his father's alcoholism affected their family. It seemed as though their lives revolved around this family secret. If this was ever an issue in my family, I don't know how I would ever be able to handle it. Hopefully the secret ends with Sanders' father.


  1. Kristi,
    It is difficult for everyone to reflect back upon traumatic events in their lives, let alone confess it to others. I agree that he may have written this essay with his children in mind, but I also think that he really needed to vent. He needed to relieve this great burden which he had carried with him since his childhood. Sander's was 'bottling up' his emotions for a long time. He gave specific examples in the essay where he admitted that his family did not talk about his father's alcoholism with others. This must have been very depressing to him for a very long time. I could actually sense his burden being lifted as I neared the end of the essay.

  2. Having a family secret sucks. Even though he thought it was a secret it wasn't and we all known it. I also agree with you at I would be able to handle having a family secret