Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yo, this is Kyle Ehrhardt I'm from Htown (Hilliard) Ohio. I graduated from Hilliard Davidson Highschool last year and am excited to start the next chapter of life. I Wrestled for Davidson and had a great 4 years. I like to watch movies, hang with friends, and just chill whenever theres time.

"So when i climbed out of the car that brought July morning and saw my father napping in the hammock, i felt uneasy, and when he lurched upright and blinked his bloodshot eyes and greeted us in a syrupy voice, i was hurled back into childhood." This passage stood out to me because it showed how the father came full circle with his drinking. For 15 years the son thought he had the healthy loving side of his dad back for good, but on this day when he came home he realized that his father had gone back to his old ways. He trys to hide it from his own daughter just as his father tried to hide it from him because he is ashamed of his fathers actions.



  1. Kyle man you seem like a pretty cool fella. Whats your favorite movie. In addition I'd also like to say that that was also a passage that stood out to me because it showed how weak his father was and how Russell wanted to shelter his daughter from his fathers shameful actions.

  2. Well hey Kyle! It is sad that he thought this "monster" was finally gone but really he was back. He thought his children would be able to experience their grandpa for the nice, funny, (SOBER) guy he was, but that was not that case.