Thursday, September 29, 2011

under the influence:paying the priceof my father's Boose

When I was reading this storiesI felt soo bad for him because it is hard for a Child to see their father drank. In paragraph 12 when he is talking about "I can summon up that kiss right now by recalling Theodore Roethke's line about his own father." I felt bad because in my religion noone is allow to drank alcohol , but my father was smoker . Then I beging to images the author stories because I remember how my father used to smell when he come home . In my eyes think no child should have parents who smoke or who drank alcohol because that is the memorize they have of their parent and it would follower them to their lifes .


  1. Hodan, My father is also a smoker. He smokes two and a half packs of cigarettes a day. When I was a child I used to beg him to stop. I would bring home pamphlets that had information about why smoking was bad for you. It made me sad. Also it was a bad influence on me.

  2. My sincerest apologies! I have uncles who smoke and I wish they stopped. It'd be great for them to be around when I have kids.