Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hey its Josh, allow me to remind you that I am from Delaware Ohio and am majoring in Health Sciences. I am very interested in science and enjoy working with computers so this blog should not be to difficult to work with.

"Why our father, so playful and competent and kind when sober would choose to ruin himself and punish his family we could not fathom." I think the author chose to share this story as a way to bring his problems out into the light. He wants to be honest about his problems unlike his father who never spoke about his feelings to anyone and would die for not seeking help. I do enjoy the style of writing that highlights the periods of his life that his fathers drinking effected most and how the fear of his father drinking was still with him when he aged. I also enjoy how he listed all the places he and his siblings would find bottles and how many different kinds there were as a way to drive home to the reader how regularly this occurred.


  1. hey josh I like science as well. I hope the health science major is fun for you! And blogs are never hard! haha

  2. This story was all about doing a final reflection of his father's problem that became the whole family's problem as well. He is finally letting out and hopefully this can prevent any future problems for him and his family.

  3. Hey Josh! I am from Delaware too. I thought about majoring in Health Sciences, but decided it was not my thing. I find those classes very difficult.