Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Post

I am Jake Beardsley an 18 year old freshman. I live with my sister in columbus and i also have an older brother in Kentucky. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and hanging out with friends.
This writing is very personal and relatable but the the author seemed to write it for his own needs of relieving him from the stress of keeping this horrible history to himself and being sure that this was all explained to his son. The whole passage seemed to be based on events that were effected by his dads drinking but then the topic was switched to why he wrote this at all and that part was what spoke to me the most. His dad didnt seem to care about what he thought about very much and now that is his first consern for his own son. I think that is characterization in itself because it proves to me you don't have to have he same negative traits as your father and you can live your own life.


  1. I like ultimate Frisbee too. I also enjoyed the end where he told us why he was writing it, I thought it helped to make it more personal and give us understanding to his life.

  2. im a freshman too and ultimate frisbee is fun. i agree with what you said about the book in how the he was trying to be a good influence and teach his own son to not drink heavily like his father did.

  3. hey Jake, ultimate frisbee is a lot of fun. It is a little under played. i agreed that he started writing about his father but us himself and trying to be a good influence on teaching his son.