Thursday, September 29, 2011

intro :)

Hey my name is Kayley. I went to Olentangy High School and I have played soccer since I was five. I have been a lifeguard for four years at Highlands Pool in Westerville. I love shopping and like listening to all kinds of music. I love watching and going to football games.

What stood out the most to me in the passage Under the Influence is how the son always accuses himself for his dad being an alcoholic. Through out the whole passage he states many times, " I was flung back into boyhood, acting as though my father would not drink himself to death if only I were perfect". It amazes me how he can blame himself for his fathers disease. I can't imagine what he is going through or how he feels. His whole life is affected by his father being an alcoholic. I think the writer wrote this story for a sense of release. His whole life he has been hiding it from everyone. I think him writing this helps him deal with it.


  1. Hey Kaley whats up, I agree with your idea that he needed to write this as a release and I like the quote you chose.

  2. Kayley I also love shopping and music! I was also surprised by the son's guilt.