Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nicole Dailey

Hello I am Nicole Dailey, and I currently reside in Dublin, Ohio.

"He shoved us, pawed us with the back of his hand, not to injure, just to clear a space. I can see him grabbing Mother by the hair as she cowers on a chair during a nightly quarrel." Scott Sanders shared this brief moment to show how alcoholism caused his father to become abusive with his family. Sanders was very descriptive in this scene, it must have been such a traumatic event in his life that he remembered it vividly.

My children and I were treated similarly by their father not long ago. He was addicted to oxycontin and would have what I called mantrums (man tantrums). Though he never harmed our children, he acted as if they were always in the way. He often made threats toward me, and broke many of my things. He would push me or block me in a space in a fit of anger. I was hit in the stomach once trying to avoid another confrontation which I knew would only escalate. Though his problem was oxycontin and Sander's father suffered from alcoholism, the side effects were very similar. They both relied on a fix, and became abusive because of their addiction.


  1. The event of having to see your father hurting your mom would have a huge affect on you. No family should never have that in their family. This quote brings out the idea of the essay he wrote. So that what happen to him would not happen to anyone else.

  2. Hey I thought that was a powerful line too. He really describes it in a way that makes you feel like you're there.