Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rocky Balboa inspirational movie

For me the movie Rocky was very inspirational and had a good moral. I first watched the movie when I was in 6th grade and even then being so young, it really hit home for me. Today it is even more so because of the 6 year wrestling career I had throughout middle school and high school. The film tells of the American Dream basically going from nothing to something great and all the work that you must put forward in able to do so. In the movie, Rocky starts out as a no name club boxer, but is eventually given the chance to go up against the heavy weight champion of the world Apollo Creed. Before this fight he trains extensively with his coach Mickey everyday so that he’s in the perfect shape for going up against Apollo. Rocky’s good friend Paulie lets him practice in his meat shop so that even when Mickey’s not around he has a place to go. He overall has the support of all his friends, even his girlfriend, Adrian, who is very hesitant about the whole situation, supports him in his quest for victory. At the end of the movie he ends up losing to Apollo but then beats him in a rematch during the second movie. This film means a lot to me personally because it shows how hard work and dedication can lead to success. I can relate to it with wrestling and how I always strived to be the best and work hard during practice. Also the fact that he is out there by himself shows how the sport is very individualized and a win or a loss is credited to just him either way. Getting your hand raised after a victory is a truly indescribable feeling and I’m really going to miss being out there on the mat.

Here is a link to the “rematch” of Rocky vs Apollo (long but you can skip through it):

Here is a link to more info on the movie itself:

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