Thursday, October 20, 2011


Violence is a revolving theme in “A Long Way Gone.” Almost everywhere, violence occurs whether it is physical violence or the violence of hunger Ismael faced. Occasionally, the only solution to a problem is war, but we try to avoid it at all costs. We want to avoid it because we want to avoid violence. Yes, we need to defend our country, but all of the blood and gore is what we don’t want to see. It is a scary thing, and at a young age, it could scar a child mentally. Witnessing violence sticks with us, a lot like when Ismael describes the death he saw. He’ll never get them out of his head, not even to this day as a grown adult. If small children witness violence over and over, they may believe that violence is okay. In time, they could potentially become violent verses the kids who grew up without violence and want nothing to do with violence. It affects our behavior even more when teenagers play violent video games, and watch horror movies with axes and chainsaws. For example, the movie Fight Club makes us believe that fighting each other almost to death is acceptable. It is not. In order to alleviate violence, we need to eliminate the source, especially the ones the make violence seem cool. War is acceptable at certain times, but unnecessary violence is spreading rapidly, and we need to stop it.


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  2. i agree with what you said about all the blood and gore. those visuals in our mind really do stick with us. i cant imagine actually being in war and seeing all that.

  3. Yeah I agree. The media has a huge impact that makes us think violence is acceptable.