Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I was in a class in high school that all we had to do was read book and she would pick a theme for each book. The theme for this time was politics. Always being interested in politics i picked Glenn Becks book called "Common Since". It was pretty much about an out or control government. Though his book i started watching his TV show "The Glenn Beck Show" on Fox News. When i was watching Beck he announced that he was going to have a rally in Washington DC on 8/28. At first I didn't think I would go but I was able to save some money and with some peoples help me and a buddy from school went up for what Beck called a Restoring honer to America. It was amazing there was no political things said the main message was if we change ourselves and find God that we will change who is in Washington. The main speakers were Sara Palin and Alveda King Martin Luther Kings niece. The turn out was way more then anybody expected.

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