Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Most impactful movie!

Food, Inc. was a video that my yoga teacher showed to my class and I, and in turn was very impactful. Watching this video disgusted me and really made think about what I was eating. Not only did this video demonstrate that foods had a "behind the scenes background", it also demonstrated what went on. I witnessed extreme animal cruelty, which really hit me hard. After I saw the horror of the animal's death, I was reminded that that was what I was eating. Like the narrative "Killing Chickens," chickens were indeed killed, but instead of reading about it, I watched farmers twist the necks of these innocent animals. I watched pigs get crushed to death, and cows get kicked for no reason. This really got me thinking.

After viewing this video, I could not eat meat. I wasn't a vegetarian, but I went meatless for two weeks. Even though I am not a vegetarian now, the fact that such a film can impact my whole perspective on the things I eat, says a lot. Of course, the animal cruelty is what really bothered me, there were other things in the video as well, such as what we eat when we eat non-organic produce. We eat chemicals meant for killing bugs. Is that healthy? Probably not. In all honesty, I didn't know half the things that go on behind the scenes, and that is because the companies don't want us to know. The Tyson chicken company along with many other companies refused to be interviewed for this film because they feared exposure. They know what they are doing is wrong, and that concerns me. I am very careful with what meat I eat, and especially how it is cooked. Before this film, I never would have cared, but now that I know what happens to those poor animals, and on the farm field, it is hard not to be careful.

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