Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Exploration 5: Dr.William Petit

I first heard of the story of Dr. William Petit while reading People magazine. My mom had told me I had to read this story. As I read I could not imagine going through what he went through and being able to fight back and move on with his life.
Dr. Petit's Connecticut home got invaded on July 23rd of 2007. Two men followed Dr. Petit's wife and daughter home from the grocery store to find out where they lived and where they would be breaking in that night. The men broke into the house and beat up Dr. Petit with a baseball bat, leaving him bleeding severly on the floor of his sitting room. The intruders tied together his ankles and wrists and put something over his head. They then moved him into the basement and began searching through his house. The med told his wife to get in the car and go to the bank. She did so and bravely told the teller at the bank her family was in trouble. Upon returing home she and her daughter were raped and the men lit the house on fire. Dr. Petit had managed to break free from his hand restraints but not his ankles. He hopped up his basement stairs and rolled to his neighbors house where they called the police. Dr. Petit recovered but his wife and two daughters did not make it.
I was really influenced by his story. He lost everything and yet he is moving forward and continues to do good things in memory of his family. I admire his strength and bravery and I think he can inspire a lot of people. I have not complained as much since hearing this story because really what I have to complain about is not that bad.

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