Thursday, October 27, 2011

Comment for Taylor

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The teacher said one of her kindergarten students shot his little brother three times in the stomach. I think that children don't really realize that a lot of what they see on television is surreal. For example, In a non-specific cartoon, a character gets punched in the face, gets up, walks away, and he is fine. The child sees that but they don't see the pain that the character feels. I feel that is an important step for them to process to understand reality. A child touches something hot, they remove their hand quickly, and don't touch that hot object again. Their mind processes what they learned through an experience where they felt or understood pain, and they lean from it. They will also not learn empathy from watching cartoons. They will not understand that if they pick up a gun and shoot at someone that that person will die. Children that young do not understand death. That is very sad. I feel bad for that child. He may not have realized that the gun he had was dangerous. He was probably playing, but will now be scarred for life because of something he imitated on the television. Where was the parent? I will never keep a gun in my house.

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