Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thats not nice

American culture has been affected by war and violence in homes, especially in the children of our generation. Statistics show that violence has increased over the years and a lot of it seems to be occurring within the family house hold. War also affects the American culture by increasing racism within the country. Depending on what country we are at war with, we lose trust against the people who are from or look like they are from that country. For example, WWII, the Japanese were discriminated against, and not trusted because of the actions that their country had done. War easily breaks trust between people of different cultures or beliefs.

The following is information about internment camps and how many people were forced to live in these camps because of the distrust war had created:

Amache (Granada), CO
Opened: August 24, 1942.
Closed: October 15, 1945.
Peak population: 7,318.

Gila River, AZ
Opened July 20, 1942.
Closed November 10, 1945.
Peak Population 13,348.

Heart Mountain, WY
Opened August 12, 1942.Closed November 10, 1945.
Peak population 10,767.

Jerome, AR - Opened October 6, 1942. Closed June 30, 1944. Peak population 8,497
Manzanar, CA - Opened March 21, 1942. Closed November 21, 1945. Peak population 10,046.
Minidoka, ID - Opened August 10, 1942. Closed October 28, 1945. Peak population 9,397
Poston, AZ - Opened May 8, 1942. Closed November 28, 1945. Peak population 17,814
Rohwer, AR - Opened September 18, 1942. Closed November 30, 1945. Peak population 8,475
Topaz, UT - Opened September 11, 1942. Closed October 31, 1945. Peak population 8,130
Tule Lake, CA - Opened May 27, 1942. Closed March 20, 1946. Peak population 18,789


  1. This scares me. It reminds me of New World Order, and FEMA camps. I don't like t he idea of the Government having too much power. Some of this may be based on conspiracy theories, but WHY HAVE THE CAMPS at ALL if they are not intended for some use, and it makes me ask the question, "What are they really for?"

  2. Not everyone is bad, but unfortunately, we categorize people into their ethnicity. We lost trust for the Japs, but obviously not all Japs shouldn't be trusted, yet we don't anyway. Violence affected our trust. LETS STOP THE VIOLENCEEEEEE!

  3. i feel that giving the government too much power can lead to many problems. i feel the trust issues that could be caused would be very controversal.

  4. i think racism come for their house and how people talk about the other racism In American the racism come from 9/11 . i think the racism get big in our country because a war or something that happened. But in my opinion think it bad that people would be racism to anyone.

  5. It is weird that government and the fact that people don't trust each other cause a lot of problems and can lead a lot to violence.