Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Country Fan :)

Tim McGraw was born in 1967 and is famous for his singing and acting. He is known for being able to stir up emotions from jumping and dancing to heart felt love songs. This is one of the reasons he had millions and millions of album sales. He started when he was just 6 years old singing in school plays. He sung every chance he could get. After high school, he attended Northeast Louisiana State University. Through a year at college studying pre-law , he decided it was not for him. In that year he found himself at local bars performing, and he knew he had to make something of it. He has now won more than 30 awards and stars in numerous films.

I am from a small town and have listened to Tim McGraw since I can remember. Everyone can relate to his songs and admire his voice. I can listen to him when I am having a good or bad day. He has songs from happy to sad. I admire him for never giving up on what he really wanted and did everything possible to get there. He has achieved so many goals and has inspired me to want to reach mine. I love country music, but Tim McGraw has inspired me more than anyone. I have been to his concert and could not have been more impressed with his talent.

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