Thursday, November 17, 2011

Film Response

One theme that stood out to me was sort of the theme of new found hope. In the film everybody had a devastating story to tell of losing a loved one or not being able to find certain family members. Then when this group came to help refugees find loved ones that they'd lost there was a nice sense of relief in everybody because there was actually a chance to find family members. At one point near the end of the film one of the women said "I can die now because I know where my family is." Refugees United is just like a big relief to everybody because it's already hard enough for them to live in those conditions, but it makes things a lot easier knowing that you can have your family by your side.


  1. I agree that Refugees United gives the refugees new hope. Finally they are able to find their lost family members or at least make a profile and hope they will find them one day. I think the program does a good job!

  2. It was very touching that the woman made the comment about being able to die at peace since she knew her family was safe. It was not that she was saying that she wanted to die, because I don't think she did. She was just explaining that it would make her feel better just knowing if she did happen to die, at least her family was safe.

  3. Refugees United is and amazing program, finally refugees have some hope of finding their loved ones. They can, at the very least know where their family members are even if they can't meet each other face to face.