Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exploration 7

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. I did not expect the book to end
that way at all. I thought that after he started living with his uncle that
things would just get better from there. Right after everything was going so
well, they attacked the town where his uncle lived. He was scared that he was
going have to fight. In fear he said, “I couldn’t return to my previous life. I
didn’t think I could make it out alive this time” (203). He knew that if he
stayed there that he would turn in to that person, so he had to leave. It is
crazy what he has gone through and I can’t imagine being him. I am very happy
that he ended up getting away, even though it was very difficult. I think he
should have stayed in New York the first time he visited. The purpose to the
ending of the book is to show that you have to choose things in life and give up
one item for another. Ishmael had to give up living with his family, to make a
new life. The character meant the most to me was his uncle. I felt like I really
knew him and was really upset when he died. I think he is the one that had the
biggest impact on Ishmael’s life. Even though he did not know him before, he was
the only family that could take him in and be there for him. I think he changed
his life and helped him get better.

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  1. Your thoughts are the same as mine!! He had worked sooo hard to become a kid again, running from the war, but it always returned. He knew he would need to immigrate to states to finally free himself