Thursday, November 17, 2011

Film response

The most important theme that stood out clearly to me was the importance of family. Aside from your name, one of the first possessions you come into this world with is a family. There is a theory called Maslows hierarchy of needs, and it basically lists the necessities of life that one needs to survive not only physically but psychologically as well. One of the sections in this pyramid of needs is called love/belonging, which are to be given by people like friends, a mate, and FAMILY. The first lady in the film said "makes me feel lonely to not know where my family is". This phrase emphasizes the importance of her family to her. The fact that she doesn't know of their whereabouts bugs her and puts her in a state of depression. Personally myself, I've been left with occasions where my family would leave me and I'd have the house to myself for a weekend or sometimes a week. At first its cool, but after the first couple hours I begin to feel a large sense of loneliness. As a matter of fact, I never stay at home or if I do I try not to be alone, so I invite a friend over. Family is a significant idea that people often take for granted. Don't take such a blessing lightly.


  1. The theme of family really stood out to me too. I think it is important that we recognize we're lucky to have them.

  2. I agree that the theme of family was huge and was the most important thing to all of the refugees in the film. Family is something that most people take for granted and its the most important thing in human life.