Thursday, November 17, 2011

Refugees United

The main theme throughout the movie clip was refugees being taken away from their families unwillingly . One of the refugee women didnt know where her kids were and her husband had been killed. Another refugee young man didnt know where his father was, his mother had been killed and now was facing poverty along with taking care of his three younger siblings. This was very sad and depressing to see, that people lost their loved ones through tragic ways . They didnt know whether the people they love were safe, happy, or even alive. Refugee United is an organization devoted to finding refugees families . How it works is that each refugee creates a profile with their name, date of birth and things about them that their families would know. There has been many success stories of a refugee feeling as they were alone in this world without a family, finding their loved ones. I didnt know there was such an organization, and I was actually surprised at the success of families actually finding each other. Refugee United gives a sense of hope, that families can be reunited again.

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  1. The film depressed me at times too, thinking about all the lost people out there. I was also impressed to see that the system was working and people were finding their loved ones.