Monday, November 7, 2011

Exploration Se7en

I thought that this book was really well written and a great narrative. The way he told the story and brought scenes to life throughout the book was very well done. I felt like I was right there in the action sometimes. He described some things in so much detail that I sometimes didn’t want to keep reading because they were so vulgar. I think this book will be a good choice if they decide to use it for the common book next year for incoming freshman. I feel that the events at the end of the novel show how strong of a person Ishmael really is. When given the choice of either having their mom or dad to live most people would crumble under the pressure. The story tells how it was a rough life in Sierra Leone. I thought it was pretty remarkable that he was able to tell the story the way he did, it taught us a lot about how life was there.


  1. I agree it should be the Freshman common book for next year. "Outcasts United" was terribly written. The writer made good points, but was just completely unorganized. I don't even remember his name.
    Ishmael Beah's book does have a more picturesque story line which I think a lot of people gravitate toward. It makes the story what it is. It is a book I will not forget. Maybe if "A Long Way Gone" is the reading material next year, more people will actually read the book. :D

  2. You really summed it up kyle!! It is really crazy how Ismael had to deal with the loss of his parents on top of this horrifying war! This story teaches many lessons that incoming freshmen could benefit from!